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Friday, February 03, 2006


New Release of Engineering Village 2
On February 1, 2006 a new release of Engineering Village 2 went live on the platform. The changes related to the enhancements should not impact core functionality of the product but they are improvements to features on the platform. These product enhancements include:

Search Facets
Ei has included more facet categories to enable you to easily refine your search results even further. The categories to be added to the existing facets within the bibliographic databases Compendex and Inspec (and NTIS) are:

* Author Affiliation
View the top institutions publishing in the subject searched
* Country (Author Country of Origin)
Isolate one or more countries and focus your search.

More De-duplication Options
Ei has improved the functionality of the de-duplication feature. This new functionality allows the researcher to see the total number of found records in a search, how many records are found in each database, and how many records were removed. Users will have the ability to choose the priority of the database when de-duplicating records.



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