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Friday, March 10, 2006

FAQ: Accessing the full-text from IEEE Computer Science Digitial Library

I have had several queries regarding access to the full-text of IEEE publications from the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library. Please be advised the the Libray does indeed subsribe to the full-text of all IEEE AND IEE publications. However, our subscription is via IEEE Xplore, therfore, in order to access the full-text you have two options open to you:

  • Continue using the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library interface, and when you are presented with the 'Full Article Text' options, you must select the IEEE Xplore link or
  • Use the IEEE Xplore interface directly

Regardless of which interface you use:

  • there is a simultaneous user limit, therefore, when trying to access the full-text, if you are presented with the message "all available online seats are currently occupied", please try again later
  • you will require a password if not accessing via the University network (e.g. off-campus and NOT routing through the proxy cache, using the VPN or ResNet etc.)


Please be aware of the differences between the content offered in the two services:

The IEEE Computer Society Digital Library provides online access to:

  • 22 society magazines and transactions and
  • More than 1,700 selected conference proceedings

The University's IEEE Xplore subscription provides online access to the full text PDFs of 1,325,881 documents, published since 1988 (with select content from 1953) comprising:

Therefore, the University has access to even more papers that the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library offers

Finding relevant papers

Probably the best way to ensure that you have conducted a comprehensive literature search, and therefore are less likely to have missed out on useful content, is to use the Inspec and Compendex databses via EiV2. This allows you to search across many different publications, from various different publishers, but also has a limiting option, such that you can restrict your search to just IEE and IEEE publications if you wish.

I believe this provides more accurate search results than IEEE Xplore, and due to the fact that the IEEE ComputerSociety Digital Library does not provide access to all of the content to which we subscribe, EiV2 will by default provide more comprehensive results. Full-text links should take you directly from EiV2 to IEEE Xplore, or if this is not available, use the details provided and find the full-text in either the Digital Library or IEEE Xplore.

If you have any queries, please contact you Liaison Librarian, Sarah Kelly.

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