Library Update for the School of Informatics

Thursday, March 23, 2006

NEWS: Book Orders

I would be very grateful to receive book recommendations from members of the School on the usual forms:
  • Staff and Postgraduate students book purchase requests
    If you are requesting more than one copy of a book, please indicate which course the book is for and how many students are on the course.
  • Undergraduate students book suggestion form
    In order for your request to be processed, please treat all fields as mandatory and submit any additional information as appropriate (including which Library site the book should be placed). UG students may only request 1 copy of an item, should you feel the Library should have more copies, please contact your course organiser to make the recommendation.
Please check the Library Catalogue before submitting your request. If we already have the item in stock, but you feel the Library should have more copies, please indicate this is the 'comments' section.

Of interest: how to find out about newly published books

Please make your requests by 07 April 2006

All requesters will be notified when the item has arrived in the Library, but there may be a short time between this notification and when the item is actually available for borrowing. The Library Catalogue can be used to check the item status.

If you have any other non-book resource recommendations, please get in touch.

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