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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

NEW SERVICE: EUL Catalogue 'bookmarklet'

What is a Library Catalogue bookmarklet?

Edinburgh University Library uses the Voyager system to catalogue its holdings, therefore, it is possible to create a 'bookmarklet' that will make it easy to look up items in our Catalogue. For example, if you read of a book you are interested in, and that page's URL includes an ISBN (e.g. on Amazon), you can click your bookmarklet to check if the book is available in EUL. The bookmarklet invokes an ISBN search in the EUL Catalogue and the search results are presented in a new window.

Get an EUL Catalogue bookmarklet...

Visit the following page Jon Udell: LibraryLookup (Voyager libraries). Drag the relevant link (Scotland - Edinburgh - Edinburgh University) to your browser toolbar. You now have an Edinburgh University Library Catalogue bookmarklet on your browser.

Once on your browser toolbar, it is possible to change the name of the bookmarklet, from 'Scotland - Edinburgh - Edinburgh University' to something of your own choosing, by viewing and editing the the properties of the bookmarklet.

If you want to search for journals, again it is possible to change the properties of the bookmarklet by substituting occurrences of "ISBN" to "ISSN" in the Location field.

In order for the bookmarklets to work the web page you are looking at must have the ISBN/ISSN in the URL.



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