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Monday, October 23, 2006

What people said about the Transkills course

A number of 'Information Resources - Searching Research Literature' courses are run by the University's Transferable Skills Programme for postgraduate research students. These courses will help new research students make the best use of library and information resources both within the University and beyond.

For the sessions 2006/7 a presentation was given to those attending the Informatics course. To find further details of all of the information introduced in the presentation (PDF, 155KB) the group were directed to the Guide to Resources in Informatics, specifically: Resources (to use the resources specifically designed to locate the type of information required), additional background information on conducting a literature search, and the various PDF Guides available (specifically 'Planning a Search Strategy' and 'Undertaking a Literature Review'). Printed Guides from providers, relating to the resources, are also available online from the Resources pages (in the support sections).

Participants were asked to complete a short evaluation form. This is very important to us as it helps ensure that the course is beneficial to those attending.

Feedback from the 6 people attending was as follows:
  1. This course will help me with my postgraduate research?
    Strongly Agree (3) Agree (2) Disagree (1)
  2. The lecture presentations were good?
    Strongly Agree (2) Agree (4)
  3. Overall quality of the Course?
    Very Good (1) Good (4) Average (1)

"Good information on online literature databases and ILL"

"Gave a good overview of the tools for searching for research papers"

"Not so much [being told about] the sources themsleves, but how to find them on the Library site. So much info there it is not obvious unless shown"

"Very good overview and was possible to use the computers to follow the presentation and practice"

"Very useful, well explained"

Many thanks to all who completed the evaluation form. Comments in the 'Weaknesses' and 'Improvements' section will be used to modify the course for the next time it runs.

If you wish to attend this course, please contact Transkills and you will be added to the waiting list. If there are sufficient numbers, the course will run again. Alternativley, please contact your Liaison Librarian to arrange a suitable time to discuss individually the resources and service on offer. Please note, this course ran for 3 hours (including a break).

Sarah Kelly
Liaison Librarian for Informatics



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