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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Videoseminar - Wednesday 17th January 2007

Edinburgh University Star Gazing Group looks at how the University can use new technologies, and at new ways of using existing technologies.

They have planned a series of videoseminars that will take place every Wednesday at 15.30. Videoseminars can be viewed through a web browser (Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla), with contribution possible via a chat window.

Every seminar will be recorded, archived, and made available for later viewing via


Getting the Law on your Side

Charlotte Waelde (Law), Rory Ewins (Education), Liz Stevenson (Library and Collections), and members of the Stargazing group will be online, discussing issues of Intellectual Property and Copyright. Charlotte's view is that laws are there to enable us to achieve our aims, and the discussions will be based on that approach.

You can watch the discussion live, and contribute to it, by going to the ITFutures website at



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