Library Update for the School of Informatics

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

MLRP - Noise

There will be noisy work continuing this week:
  1. Drilling 4 fixings into level 5 to stabilise the hoist.
  2. The hoist, once its up and running later this week, will be used to remove various items from the 5th floor including some windows to allow access and egress from that level.
  3. Scaffolding is still being erected along the West side of the building.
  4. Barracading and hoardings will be put in place, again at the West side. This gives a safe area for pedestrians.
  5. Stairs will be erected at the front of the Library in the area being used by Interserve for their sites offices etc. Again noisy work.
  6. More drilling is scheduled for Thursday between 08.00-08.30.
Your patience is much appreciated.



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