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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

IEEE Xplore Online Training

The University of Edinburgh subscribes to the IEEEXplore Digital Library, giving access to:

  • IEEE journals, transactions, letters, and magazines from 1988 with select content back to 1913
  • IEEE conference proceedings from 1988 with select content back to 1953
  • IEEE standards from 1948
  • IET journals, letters, and magazines from 1988
  • IET conference proceedings from 1988

IEEE offers several free training options, giving the opportunity to learn the best practices in searching IEEE content as well as getting quick demonstrations of new features of the IEEE Xplore® digital library:

  • Regularly Scheduled Online Training Sessions
    IEEE Xplore Online Training is scheduled regularly and is available to everyone. Hosted by their Client Service Managers several times a month, users participate from their desktop or as a group in a conference room.
  • Self-Paced Instant Training Modules
    If you only have a few minutes and need some pointers, view one of these instant training modules. IEEE has taken the most requested training topics and recorded high-level overviews showing you what you need to know. Whether you are new to the IEEE Xplore digital library or just looking for a refresher, these modules provide the tips and tricks to make your research go smoothly.

    You will need Flash Player to view these training tutorials.

    IEEE Xplore Overview
    1. What Does IEEE Xplore Offer? (Content) (coming soon) 2:08 min.
    2. Setting Up Email Alerts 2:11 min.
    3. Browsing the Content 2:42 min.

    IEEE Xplore Advanced Searching
    1. Advanced Search Techniques: Option 1 5:00 min.
    2. Advanced Search Techniques: Option 2 2:57 min.
    3. Using Session History to Create Complex Searches (coming soon) 1:27 min.

    IEEE Xplore In Depth
    1. Using the AbstractPlus Page (coming soon) 2:29 min.
    2. Pre-Prints (coming soon) 1:38 min.
    3. Multimedia in IEEE Xplore (coming soon) 1:18 min.
For full details see

Sarah Kelly
Liaison Librarian


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