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Thursday, November 29, 2007

New resource - Handbook of Functional Neuroimaging

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new reference work to MIT CogNet, the Handbook of Functional Neuroimaging of Cognition, 2nd ed.

Edited by Roberto Cabeza and Alan Kingstone, this reference work is the essential resource on neuroimaging and provides an accessible and user-friendly introduction to the field written by leading researchers. The core of the book covers fMRI and PET studies in specific domains: attention, skill learning, semantic memory, language, episodic memory, working memory, and executive functions.

With the addition of this important work, MIT CogNet now hosts 8 leading reference works in the brain and cognitive sciences.

To view this new resource directly, visit MIT CogNet and enter your EASE username and password when prompted.

Sarah Kelly
Liaison Librarian

The CogNet Library is a growing, searchable collection of books, journals, eight reference works, and conference materials. Content and resources are provided by The MIT Press and other publishers, professional associations, institutions, and individuals who are willing to share public access to online work.

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