Library Update for the School of Informatics

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Service Disruption
MyEd will be unavailable from 9am to 5pm on the 26th of April whilst we perform the upgrade. However, for the time that MyEd is unavailable you will still be able to access a variety of key systems directly from a page of links.

Accessing Key Services
To access key services during the upgrade go to MyEd ( as usual, and select the system you need access to. Some MyEd content such as Bookmarks will be unavailable. We advise that you check MyEd in the days before the upgrade and ensure that you have all you need well in advance.

What exactly does this mean for you ?
  • Your existing layout (tabs and channels) will be replaced with the new default layout. However, we will provide you with a tool to view and print a Œblueprint‚ of your old layout as part of the upgrade process so that you can easily re-do your layout if you want to.
  • Personal information such as your Bookmarks will be unaffected.
  • You will receive a new News Reader which will combine your news feeds into a single channel and also allow you to add all of your own favourite feeds.
  • We will also be able to automatically add new channels to your tabs in the future, providing you with fresh new content as it becomes available.
  • You will still always be able to customise MyEd, but we hope to provide more of what you want 'out of the box'.
Need more information ?
We will be presenting some roadshows in George Square (Main Library, Brenda Moon Room, 2nd May at 11am) and Kings Building (Michael Swann Lecture Theatre, 3rd May at 11am) so that you can come along and share any comments or queries you may have. You can see more info about this in the Events Booking channel in MyEd. If you feel you would like more hands on training, why not book a place on one of our MyEd Beginner Training courses which will run from 3rd of May onwards!

For more details on the features, enhancements, and impact of the upgrade, see We are keen to ensure that MyEd remains your MyEd, so welcome any feedback about changes you would like there is a feedback link at the bottom of all MyEd pages and also in the ePortal website.

Simon Marsden
Director Applications Division,
Information Services Group



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